Couples’ Therapy

All intimate relationships go through periods when the connection between the couple becomes strained or charged. When our defences go up, differences and misunderstandings can seem insurmountable, leading to a feeling of distance and distress.  At these times it can be hard to voice your real needs and longings and difficult to listen with an open mind and heart.

Couple’s therapy offers a safe and supportive context in which to explore the challenges or difficulties that have arisen.  Having a mutual, skilled listener present enables the couple to deepen their dialogue. Sometimes core issues have been withheld because it is imagined that voicing them will disrupt the relationship. Understanding of the human needs within these issues will often facilitate an increased sense of connection and aliveness.

How I work

I think that it is crucial for both partners to feel equally understood and supported. I take a non-judgmental stance, seeking to clarify the sources of distress and to assist each partner in voicing their deeper needs.

Sometimes it’s helpful for each partner to have one individual session. Otherwise all sessions are with the couple.

How often and for how long?

All sessions are one hour. 
Some couples want a few sessions to help them through a crisis. 
A deeper process of therapy needs longer, typically 10 to 20 sessions.

How much?

£60 for an hour session

How to Start?

An initial session creates an opportunity to meet and discuss the issues you would like to bring.  It’s a chance to ask questions and to have an experience of how we might work together. 

There is no obligation to continue. It is for you to decide if and when to start.