Counselling and Psychotherapy

People come into counselling and psychotherapy for many reasons. Sometimes events bring changes into our lives which we have no control over; the end of a significant relationship, a bereavement or a career upheaval. These kinds of events can leave us feeling disempowered, lost, or fearful of the future. Some people come because they are aware of feeling stuck, anxious or unhappy. The reasons might not be clear to them, but they will, perhaps, be aware of not feeling fulfilled or satisfied in themselves or their lives.  However, new ways forward may not seem clear.

Counselling and psychotherapy offer a confidential and supportive place to explore these issues.  Talking in this way can help us to understand ourselves and come to terms with what has been happening to us. It is often found that the painful issues in our lives hold the key to realising a deeper connection with our aliveness.

How I work

I work in a supportive and collaborative way, interested in being with you, in understanding who you are, as a unique individual and what you need help with. As I listen and reflect back, I help you to become more aware of your inner thoughts, feelings and needs. At times I suggest visualisation or use body awareness which is particularly helpful in managing stress.

How Long?

Some people find that a few sessions, usually 6-10, are adequate to help them move through a transition or crisis.  Others want or need a longer process of self-exploration and reflection. 

How Much?

£50 for an hour session.

How to Start?

An initial session creates an opportunity to meet and discuss the issues you would like to bring.  It’s a chance to ask questions and to have an experience of how we might work together. 

There is no obligation to continue. You decide if and when you want to start.